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Our Gift Baskets

Online Shop

Love the gifts that fill our baskets? We do too! That's why we opened the MTAB Online Shop here on our website. Explore and shop for the products that make our gifts more than a basket.

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Who We Are
Mom & Pop | Eco-Conscious 

     More Than A Basket is not your average gift shop; we're a mom-and-pop company curating unique gift baskets while contributing to making the world a better place. Handwoven and customized for each special occasion, our baskets are filled with products from fellow small businesses that make positive impacts on the world.

     We started out only selling gift baskets, but since we're passionate about our partners, we've opened the "MTAB Online Shop" to share their products and raise awareness. BTW, we're faith-inspired, eco-conscious, and donate $7.77 for each basket purchased!


     Join us on this heartfelt journey where each basket becomes a vessel of meaningful connection, transforming ordinary moments into extraordinary memories. Welcome to a world where gifting is an art, and every creation is more than just a basket—it's a delivery of
heartfelt blessings. 💖🧺

Simple & Sweet

​We have 2 ways to order our Gift Baskets:

  1. Completed Gift Baskets: Our easiest option, buy ready made gift baskets in the MTAB Online Shop.

  2. Customized Gift Basket: We collaborate with you to fully customize your order, submit an easy to use order form using the following link: Order Now.

A few of our Lovely Partners

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Me Mother Earth Logo
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