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Frequently Asked Questions

What types of baskets do you currently offer?

At More Than A Basket, we currently offer House Warming Baskets, Bereavement Baskets, and Baby Baskets. We hope to expand these options as we grow. Additionally, we may be able to accommodate special requests using our Order Form!

What makes you different from other gift companies?

What sets us apart is our commitment to more than just business or profit. We aim to be a blessing as we have been so blessed, turn moments into cherished memories, and support small businesses. Our gift baskets are a source of pride, featuring handwoven wood or wicker baskets, not simple boxes. We meticulously choose products from trustworthy companies, avoiding random items bought at major discounts. Our gift baskets are put together in our own home, not outsourced. In our first chapter, we have much to learn, so please feel free to share some helpful feedback. 💖🧺

Where do the MTAB donations go?

At More Than A Basket, we joyfully contribute $7.77 from each basket purchase to support meaningful causes. Presently, our chosen beneficiaries include the Behmans, dedicated missionaries in the Philippines (, and Valerie's House in Pensacola, a non-profit providing grief support to children ( As we expand, our aim is to increase our donation partnerships to six organizations/missionaries by the year's end, further amplifying our positive impact across various causes.

What is your return policy?

All our products are fully insured during shipment. If damage occurs during shipment, a claim will be submitted for a full . Regarding Returns, our sincere apologies, but as a small business specializing in customized and personalized items, we do not offer a return policy. We appreciate your understanding and are committed to ensuring your satisfaction. Please feel free to reach out if you have any concerns or questions.

Is there a satisfaction guarantee?

Your satisfaction is our priority. Confirm your happiness with the completed basket before completing your purchase. For customized baskets, we send photos of your finished baskets before shipment. If there are any concerns, we are here to assist.

Where did this idea come from?

Upon settling down in our new home, Jess picked up a new hobby - embroidery. After gifting a few friends some embroideries, the question was posed, "could this become a business?" After Jess spoke with her dad, they came up with the idea of utilizing the embroideries in gift baskets! I (Jason) am helping by putting the website together and rubbing Jess' shoulders after long days. 

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